• Kibbutz Ulpan: your way to study Hebrew in Israel

    • Do you have a religious lifestyle?

      If you have a religious life style, Kibbutz Sde Eliyahu is the best combination between a kibbutz life experience, excellent ulpan and religious environment! (more…)

    • What is the Kibbutz Ulpan experience?

      This is the ideal combination between studying Hebrew, living in an unique community, working and travelling around the country. Join us now. (more…)

    • Intensive Summer in Kibbutz

      Do you want to enjoy the Israeli summer? Apply now for our one month intensive program, and learn Hebrew, work in the kibbutz, and travel around the country. (more…)

    • Apply now for a Scholarship

      We are part of Masa-sponsored programs, so scholarships (200 US$ up to 4,500 US$) are available. Contact us as soon as possible and check your eligibility!


    About us

    Want to learn Hebrew while living and working on a kibbutz and taking part in its rich and unique culture?
    Kibbutz Ulpan is one of the most affordable long-term programs in Israel and offers programs at different kibbutzim throughout the year.
    Participating in a Kibbutz Ulpan is a time-honored tradition that visitors from all over the world have experienced for more than six decades. Today it is an ideal choice for anyone looking to spend some time away from home to become part of a type of community that only exists in Israel.

    There are Kibbutz Ulpan Programs on nine (9) Kibbutzim throughout Israel with variations in size, location, climate, types of industry and general character. Also, each Kibbutz has a different starting date, which gives the participant the opportunity of choosing when they want to start their program.
    The Kibbutz Ulpan Program is based on the principle of study and work.
    Participants work up to 24 hours a week and study 18 to 24 hours a week. Specific schedules differ on each kibbutz.

    Ulpan Kibbutz is part of Masa, so you can be eligible for a  scholarship for up to U$D 5,000! Contact us now for more details.


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